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Merry Christmas From Evergreen Ridge Christmas Tree Farm
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Newland, NC 28657
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The Evergreen Ridge North Carolina Fraser Fir

When it comes to Christmas trees, The North Carolina Fraser Fir is Mother Nature's gem. The mountain-aire fragrance and the deep green color are extraordinary. The branches are thick and sturdy to support the heaviest ornaments. The needles are short and velvety soft. One of the characteristics of the North Carolina Fraser Fir that makes it a perfect Christmas tree is the ability to retain its needles long after harvest. The fragrance and color are long-lasting. Fraser Fir has been referred to as "the tree that would survive".

Through meticulous fertilizing, spraying and hand shearing, the Fraser Fir are cultivated to perfection in terms of dark, glossy color and lush, full shape that still has a natural look. That's why the Fraser Fir is the blue ribbon winner...the tree that's won the national Christmas tree contest and has been a part of the holiday tradition at the White House.

Evergreen Ridge Christmas Tree Farm Fraser Fir is the perfect Christmas tree for your family. Let us provide you with the unchallenged "Rolls Royce" of Christmas trees. We have Fraser Fir Christmas trees grown in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Because of its characteristics, the Fraser Fir Christmas tree is nature's own present to families throughout the world.